Wool & WINE

Some things just go together; Peanut Butter & Jelly, Jay Z & Beyonce, Wool & Wine… 

Yep, we thought what better way to spend your Friday night than having a wine, enjoying a yarn (excuse the pun) and learning the basics of knitting. Our textile wonder women Clare was there to show us all how darn therapeutic knitting is. Getting started can be a little tricky sometimes, but with a glass of wine and some guidance it was definitely an evening to remember. 

In collaboration with @imsewhappi



These lucky few spent the evening with us sipping wine, nibbling on cheese and painting like pros - if that's not a dream then we don't know what is.

Designed for the complete novice or those want to explore a new medium; no prior experience with watercolour is needed to attend one of these workshops.

During this workshop our attendees were guided through the fundamentals of watercolours, learning to use real-life flowers and fruit as subjects as well as how to prep your materials, mix and build your colours and develop your own unique painting.

In collaboration with @artistry.by.jasmine (AKA Wonder woman)



Chances are if you mention Macramé to your Mother or Nanna they’re going to tell you that they "used to do Macrame in the 70's!” - There’s a reason why this art form has been loved and tried by so many.

Our workshop host Jessica took our attendees through knot logic, macramé tricks of the trade and the 5 main knot and finishing techniques (hello fringing) which give everybody the creative freedom to personalise their own wall hanging.

What better way to spend your Saturday morning than with with great company, learning new skills and making something *really* impressive, right?

In collaboration with @macrame_mons



Do you know how amazing essential oils are for just about everything? Neither did we until we hosted a workshop with essential oil goddess Cathy Spooner. Our workshop attendees spent the morning learning about the amazing properties of essential oils and how to use them in their every day lives. After soaking up that juicy info, everybody had the opportunity to make their own bath salts and signature scent using the oils. We left smelling great and feeling even better.

In collaboration with @cathyspooner_author



We got down and dirty for this workshop and man-oh-man, it was sh*t loads of fun! In this 3 hour intro to ceramics, our Curios learnt all about hand-building using earthenware clay and walked away with their very own custom ceramic mug (after it was taken away and fired of course). Everybody had a chance to learn about the ceramic process, forming techniques, textural and underglaze surface decoration…the whole shebang really! We’re still so impressed by what everybody created - so much talent (we couldn't help but take 100’s of photos, like proud parents).

In collaboration with @honeyscrumbles


EASTER CRAFT + Egg Hunt (for the tiny humans)

Curious Studios really is for everyone - even 30 sticky-fingered, crayon-crazy, chocolate-fuelled, tiny humans. On Easter Saturday every year we (Gen + Han) took a tribe of psyched kids through a bunch of Easter crafts, allowing them to create freely and have a bucket load of fun. We were even delighted by the mystery Easter bunny who filled the creative space with countless chocolate eggs, resulting in a very competitive, A-grade egg hunt, and lots of chocolate filled smiles.



In the yogic tradition, the 7 main energy points within the subtle body are called Chakras, which translates from Sanskrit into English as ‘spinning wheels’. When the energy around our Chakras become blocked it can cause physical, emotional and psychological upset.

This workshop explored not only the subtle techniques (such as meditation, mantras and pranayama), but also the physical ways through which we can release these energy points. During this time our Curios were given an opportunity to reflect and learn about themselves, leaving the workshop feeling balanced, refreshed and awake.

In collaboration with @prudenceyoga



So many people have a sewing machine sitting at home that they would love to learn how use… So we made it happen! Designed for the complete novice, this workshop brought together a bunch of good vibes, great people and many dusty sewing machines. Our Workshop folk learnt how to use either their own machine or one which we provided, and were taught mad-new-super-cool-skills, walking away with their very own, self-crafted, draw string bag.

In collaboration with @imsewhappi



In this (really pretty) 3 hour workshop our Curios learnt about Australia’s native greenery and basic flower arrangement skills. The creativity was oozing out of the room, each person crafted their own everlasting flower ring and was given a bunch of beautiful, green, goodness to play with at home. As a bonus, our super talented host Sophie skilled everybody in the many ways in which greenery can be used to style and “oomf up” their homes. Seeing the flower rings come to life through hard working hands and excited faces makes this workshop one we’ll definitely be telling the grandkids about.

In collaboration with @sophiawilde_